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Working with Nutrapharma

Through our Investor Relations program there are currently three core projects the team at Nutrapharma are currently working on. There is the everyday enhancements and the revolutionary ideas that could change our relationship with supplementation and provide a preventative offering in the pursuit of healthier, happier lives.

We are a passionate and innovative team but we can always benefit from external investment and support. Many of our projects are scientifically proven and can be evidenced as such. The testing and perfecting process takes time and resources. The result of our research and careful development phase will be a solution that can transform the market.

We invite you to look at our projects more closely and contact us if you wish to invest or support our research.

Personlised Nutrition

Vitamin Pills Rendering

Everyone is worried about health. Around the world, people are looking for remedies to help them live, and live longer. Health is not just a goal. It is both a choice and a thriving consumer market.

Agri-tech: Chemistry Magic

Plants in Glassware

We have formulated micro nutrients to help reduce the time to harvest, and also increase the crop yield. The essential nutrients are formulated from minerals and vitamins.

Multi Vita-Chocolates

Chocolate Stack

A chocolate drop, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. This is being continually perfected to ensure that the correct levels of Vitamins and Minerals are being released.


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