Mi-nutraTM Personlised Nutrition


Unless we are ill, we never have any assessments done to see if we are getting nutrients optimally on a daily basis. After all, you are what you eat.

With a daily or weekly test, you have the insight into how you eat and what is missing. This is then easily provided to you in seconds at home.

Poor & conflicting advice on diet & nutrition is all around us. Medicine is reactive, not preventative in its treatment.

Add to that poor standards & regulation of the vitamins and supplements industry, leaves everyone with ill-advised choice. The certificates of analysis & the label are not the same as the product in the bottle. Current legislation misses the poor standards, despite a growing market.

Personalised health advice & wellbeing is out of reach for everyone. Unless you have a private doctor, pay a dietician, nutritionist, personal trainer, and have degrees in science, there is little hope.

The solution: Mi-nutraTM, Personlised Nutrition. A Personalised ‘healthy lifestyle’ device, providing the nutrients that you are missing for your wellbeing!

Just place your finger on the Mi-ID button to get a quick and painless reading from a blood droplet.

The machine does the rest. It is a bespoke design that looks elegant, which you can keep in the kitchen next your coffee machine. Then using the unique spectroscope (patent applied for), the sample is analysed.  The readings are processed and a metered dose of the vitamins you need are provided. The cartridges are supplied monthly. The device provides the small tasty shot personalised to you.

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